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about me

My Work

For the last ten years I've taken photos in many different ways, but the unifying thread throughout all of them is a passion for storytelling.

The photograph contains multitudes in a single frame. It shows truth and it lies. It captures who we are, the absolute present moment in a fraction of a second. I'm not a photographer to take pictures, but to capture moments, truths and people's stories. 

I approach my work as simply as possible. The beauty of the world is already in front of us, and I try to capture it as directly and honestly as possible, without artificial details or distractions. 


I've been taking pictures my entire life, and my photographic journey started when I started using that old camera to explore the world beyond snapshots.

After developing my interest and practice in storytelling as a public historian, I began using my camera as my primary tool. I worked for two local newspapers, and then a state agency in Virginia, where I was fortunate to tell visual stories for distilleries and wineries across the state.

Since 2018 I've lived in Berlin, Germany and have worked in studios producing fashion and food photography. In addition to my personal photo projects I'm currently working as the lead photographer for HelloFresh.


If you're interested in contacting me, whether it's for work, one of my projects, or just with a question, please use the form below and I will respond as quickly as possible.

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