jeb inge, photographer.


Not every photo fits its original purpose. These two images were taken recently at Kap Arcona on the island of Rügen on Germany’s Baltic Coast. Taken on expired Ilford HP5, they were intended to be part of my expireDDR project. But after seeing them they don’t bear any unique relevance to that time period. Still, I love the photos for their timelessness. Even though they were taken in 2020 with a camera manufactured in the 1980s, they could equally have been taken 100 years ago or more. The effect of the expiration on the film, and in the second photo the slower shutter speed, emphasize their historical appearance. Having spent hours poring over photographs made in the mid-19th Century, it was a thrill to create something that looks like it could have come from those same historical anthologies. 

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