Current Projects

In 2016 I made a spontaneous online purchase of three rolls of Kodak Vericolor film. It had expired in 1990 and as such, would be unpredictable and unique when finally shot. I wasn't sure what to do with it, and so it sat in my freezer until the next year when I finally found a purpose. I took the film and my Pentax 645 camera to a number of locations in Berlin with the idea of photographing landmarks of the former East German nation. Since the film and the nation both expired in the same year, they seemed appropriate bedfellows.

I was given unique access to the former Stasi political prison in Berlin's Hohenschonhausen district where I was able to photograph one of East Germany's most feared locations. The experience was so positive that I'm currently expanding the project to include locations around the former East Germany and portraits of those with stories from its past. To support the project, click here. If you have ideas for locations I should include in the project, please email me.

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